Foundation Fact Sheet

Mission statement

The Johnathon Daniel Luoma Foundation’s mission is to provide aid and support to those suffering from PTSD and related illnesses, including suicide prevention, for military personnel, their families and civilians alike.

Foundation Purpose

The Johnathon Daniel Luoma Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit entity and was created by our family to carry on John's memory and giving nature. We lost John on May 10, 2016. Through all of John's stops, he brought life to any situation, especially when friends and family needed help. John was very giving and thought of others before he thought of himself. He was the definition of Random Acts of Kindness.  If John could only have realized all the support and love that were directed at him, the ending chapter of his story could have been written much differently.  It's for this reason that we have started the foundation in memory of our son to help prevent both military and civilian deaths.

Outreach Direction

After much research by our Board of Directors, the Foundation have settled on the following two areas of outreach and support, which we have identified as the most critical areas of need.

1. Suicide Intervention Training: We have teamed up with Living Works and their many Suicide Prevention Programs. These programs provide essential tools for participants to recognize when someone may have thoughts of suicide and work with him or her to create a plan that will support their “immediate safety” in a form of suicide first aid. Our goal is to travel to tell John’s Story and follow up with a training program for the attendees through Living Works.

2. PTSD Guide Dogs: As we continue to research our final list of sources, we will be teaming up with organizations that provide Guide Dog Services for Military members with PTSD. Through our recent travels and research, we have seen 1 st hand how those suffering from PTSD manage better when accompanied by a trained guide dog that has had specialized training for those suffering from PTSD.